Mentorship Program Information



What’s the Accounting Society Mentorship Program (ASMP)?

The ASMP is a semester-long program which provides our mentees the opportunity to be paired up with a professional. Through this program, mentors (professionals from diverse firms) will personally assist students in developing professional, interpersonal and networking skills. In addition, mentors can improve their counseling skills by nurturing the professional development of a mentee. The program consists of one mixer night, one professional event, one social event and a thank-you dinner (all costs for events are included in the membership fee). Meet-ups outside from these events are highly encouraged for both mentors and their mentees.


Why Should you join?

  • It’s FREE! You don’t need to pay anything extra if you are an AS member.

  • You can obtain great INSIGHTS about the accounting industry.

  • Free meals and events are GREAT.

  • This is a SAFE environment to practice your networking skills.

  • We value YOUR OPINIONS.


Events (Tentative):

  • Mixer night

  • One professional event based on your demands (mock interview, resume workshop, etc.)

  • One social event based on your demands (hiking, paintball, etc.)

  • End of Semester Thank-you dinner with professionals


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