1) Can I still join AS if I am not an Accounting major?

Yes! Although the organization is called Accounting Society, AS is open to any and all majors! A few of previous and current members have been computer science, business administration, and finance majors.

2) Do I have to pay for events and dinners I attend?

No! All event and dinner costs are included in the membership fee. All you have to do is show up to the event and enjoy it!

3) How much do I have to pay to be an AS member?

Membership fees vary with the different statuses. If you have just joined, you will be Pledge Status. The membership fee for Pledge Status is $140. Active Status membership fee is $120. Senior Status membership fee is $80. Chairs and E-board members have a special status. The fee for Chairs is $80.

The dress code for the different events varies:

  • General Meetings - General meetings do not have a specific dress code. You can come in casual dress but please do come dressed appropriately (presentable) as you may want to network with professionals and a sloppy attire will give a bad impression of you. (Some members come dressed in Business Casual or Business Formal, this is optional.*)

  • Business Events - All business events are Business Casual, on occassion they may be Business Professional. If you have any questions about the dress code for Business Events, email Jonathan Xue (VP of Activities) at asvpactivitiesusc@gmail.com.

  • Volunteer Events - Most volunteer events will include some type of manual labor so it is recommended that you bring comfortable clothing to these events. (Try not to bring sandals as some locations require closed toed shoes.*)

  • Social Events / Family Night - Social Events are casual events, you are free to wear what ever you are comfortable in. (One of our most common Social Events is Hiking, so for that event it is recommended to bring comfortable clothing.*)

  • AS Election Night - If you are running for a position and thus giving a presentation, Buisness Casual or Business Formal is required. If you are a spectator of the Election, feel free to dress casually.

  • Wrap-up Dinner - Our end of the Semester Wrap-up Dinners have a Business Casual dress code.

  • Mentorship Program Events - There are many different Mentorship Events. For most of them the dress code is Business Casual or Business Formal. For more information on Mentorship Events, click here.

4) What is the dress code for AS Events?

You are not required to bring anything to General Meetings. (We do recommend bringing a notebook to take notes on the presentations.*)

5) What should I bring to General Meetings?

6) What do I do if my schedule conflicts with general meeting (or event) times?

Members who are not able to attend the weekly meetings due to class or work conflict must attend 2 additional events. If you cannot attend a certain event, we have multiple events throughout the semester so it is recommended to check the calendar page to plan ahead. Please email Nina Ward, Vice President of Membership (asmembershipusc@gmail.com), if you have any questions.