Sign-up lists will be emailed approximately one week before the event. Once the final lists are posted, members are able to cancel only by contacting Jonathan Due (Vice President of Activities) three days in advance in by email. If there are additional spaces available for an event, you may sign up any time before the sign-up deadline for that event. Updated weekly lists will be posted and passed out for upcoming events. 


In order to maintain the image of a responsible student body, it is imperative that Accounting Society members accept their responsibilities. Much time, effort, and money go into preparing for firm-sponsored tours, socials, and other events. If you are signed up for an event, you are required to attend. Please keep in mind that your actions reflect not only yourselves, but on Accounting Society and the University of Southern California as well. In addition, realize that attendance to firm events is indicative to recruiters of attendance in the work force. Members who fail to attend events that they are scheduled to attend will form a negative image in the minds of the firms and the recruiters. 

If you are unable to attend a firm-sponsored event, which you have signed up for, you must contact Jonathan Xue (Vice President of Activities) at least three days before the event. 

If you fail to comply you must do the following: 

• Write an apology letter to the firm no later than one week after the event, explaining the reason why you were unable to attend the event. All apology letters must be approved by Jonathan Xue (Vice President of Activities). You will also lose priority for all events for the rest of the semester. 

• The first time you fail to write an apology letter, in addition to losing priority to all events, you will be unable to attend the next firm event. 

• The second time you fail to write an apology letter, you will not be permitted to attend any future events. In addition, Senior members will be dropped to Active, and Active members will be dropped to Pledge Member status the following semester. 

We must implement a strict policy since there is limited attendance at firm events. Please help us to uphold the professional image of Accounting Society, since we all stand to benefit by doing so. Thank you and have a great semester! 

*For more information please visit us at (Or simply Google ‘USC Accounting Society)